It goes without saying but electric vehicles are all the rage. If you’re a Pennsylvania driver that’s interested in potentially purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle, then you need look no further than Fred Beans Automotive. Our vast inventory of new electric vehicles is ready to assist with just about every kind of driving need in the Philly Metro area. From bold SUVs like the Mustang Mach-E, Kona EV, ID.4 and Niro EV to versatile trucks like the F-150 Lightning, our selection of new electric vehicles is ready to help.

Places to Charge in the Philly Metro Area

The Philly Metro area has numerous electric vehicle charging stations, below are just a few of the many options.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station - 721 Arch Station
  • LVL2 Charging – 11515 Market St
  • SemaConnect Charging Station – 1701 Market Street
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station – 1719 Spring Garden St
  • Blink Charging Station – 1202 Walnut St
  • ChargePoint Charging Station – 1500 Locust St
  • ChargePoint Charge Station – 1201 Filbert St

Pennsylvania Electric Car Tax Credits

Pennsylvania provides drivers with rebates to assist with incremental cost of the electric vehicle purchase. The rebate can amount to $1,750 for qualifying EVs and $1,000 for PHEVs.

Federal Tax Credit

Plug-in hybrid vehicles and battery electric vehicles purchased after (or during) 2010 are eligible for a federal tax credit. This federal tax credit can be up to $,7,500, varying on the capacity of the battery in the electric vehicle/hybrid.

Environmental Benefits

Environmental benefits range greatly, with benefits including lowered CO2 emissions from the vehicle, lower CO2 emissions from gas extraction (gas production and refinement process), and EV battery production can be clean, as well.

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